Investing Services

LEO ESTATE provides services to support your life & business in Montenegro. Our network of business associates includes accountants, bankers, financial and tax advisors, lawyers, registered
translators and others.  

We are your partners in communication and procedures with Municipalities and Government since we have extensive experience in working with different public sectors in Montenegro.
Our contacts, knowledge of rules and regulations, and experience with necessary procedures, make client`s property experiences in Montenegro smoother and as stress-free as possible.

Company Formation & Administration

Service of Company Formation includes opening and registration of the company at the Central Registry of Companies in Montenegro which consists of the following steps:

  • NAME CHECK – checking if your chosen name for the company is available at the Central Registry of Companies in Montenegro
  • ACTIVITY CODE – Company code selection
  • DOCUMENTS PREPARATION – organising required documentation for signature and notarisation
  • REGISTRATION – Company is registred in 5 to 7 working days upon documentation is enclosed.

Your company is fully operational once company's  bank account is opened and, if director of the company is foreigner, he/she must have a residence & work permit in place.

Company Changes Service includes changes of Company Statute, Director, Capital, Founders, Address, or any other change that is nececary.

Bank Account Opening

We  work with all banks in Montenegro and we can advise you on choosing  the right bank for your business and help with the opening of your bank account.

Residence & Work Permits for Foreigners in Montenegro

If you are a foreigner who would like to live and work in Montenegro, or if you are a foreign director of the company founded in Montenegro, you will require a Residence & Work permit. LEO ESTATE can help you obtain required permits in the simple and most cost effective way.

Power of Attorney & Apostille

Leo Estate can make any type of power of attorney you need, organise translation with licensed translators for English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Romanian and other languages, as well as organise appointment at the Notary for the notarisation of the power of attorney. After power of attorney is notarised we can get an apostille at the Montenegro Court.

Company Liquidation & Bankruptcy

If you want to close your existing company in Montenegro, we can help you with this process too.
Company closing is also possible through bankruptcy process. We will guide you along the entire process and represent you before the Court in Montenegro.

Financial Consulting, Tax Advisory, Bookkeeping & Accounting

LEO ESTATE has partnership with Accounting&Bookkeeping Agency in Budva which is a leader in this branch in Montenegro, and they will be able to provide you with the bespoke best financial and tax advice depending on your particular residence status.

Licences & Permits

LEO ESTATE can obtain any type of permit and licence for your business at the national and local level, including the Construction licence.

Nostrification of Diplomas, Certificates & Licences

LEO ESTATE provides the service of nostrification of any type of Diplomas, Certificates & Licences which may be required for you and your Business.

Communication with Local & National Authorities

We have extensive experience in dealing with the public sectors in Montenegro and we can act as your liaison agent in assisting with communication and with different procedures with Government of Montenegro and Municipalities at the local level.

NGO Foundation and Consultancy

We have founded and managed several NGO projects in Montenegro. If you have an idea that will benefit the society and want to start another NGO in Montenegro, it would be our pleasure  to guide you through the process.

Business Plans and Project Consultancy

Within our team we have a licensed and certified business mentors who can prepare a business plan and a model for your business idea, and who could also  produce a forecast  for your company and advise on further development of your business.
We understand each business is unique and it has a different requirements and we are happy to assist as much (or as little) as needed. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will guide you every step of the way and ensure that the whole process is completed as soon as possible and without taking too much of your time.