Montenegro is located along the central Mediterranean on the coast of Adriatic Sea and within Southern Europe. To the north, it borders Serbia, to the southeast Kosovo and Albania, and to the west – Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. To the south, it is separated from Italy by the Adriatic Sea.

It is a multicultural country on the board between the East and the West, on the crossroad of trade routes, with rich tradition and history. Blessed by strategic location and mild Mediterranean climate, Montenegro is ideal for life and business – easily accessible by air, sea, and road, charming, with safe investment opportunities, low taxes for established and new businesses, high quality of life, diverse beautiful nature, friendly people, and a great selection of local food and wine. It is one of the rare countries in the world where you can have a breakfast by the Adriatic Sea on a sunny day in one of the luxurious resorts in Tivat or Budva and go skiing just a few hours later in a new modern ski center Kolašin.

Montenegro regained independency in 2006, and ever since it continuously takes steps towards a modern European country open for foreign investments and tourism. Montenegro lifestyle offers the ideal symbiosis between a wild and modern world, interesting culture, breathtaking views, amazing mountains, and beaches along its stunning coastline.

Foreign Investments & Development

As one of the fastest growing economies in the Balkans, Montenegro is quickly becoming a key destination for safe investments, and it offers a truly unique potential for investors who are seeking mobility, safety, opportunity, and increased quality of life. There is a noticeable trend of foreign investments and foreigners who are coming to live and work contributing cosmopolitan development of Montenegro. According to Chamber of Commerce, Montenegro generated 8,1 billion of foreign direct investment inflow in the period between 2011 and 2021. Business development is contributed by Government of Montenegro, that is bringing Laws which are attracting international companies and digital nomads, through subsides and low taxes, that are among lowest in Europe.

The most significant development projects in tourism are Porto Montenegro – superyachts marina and a tourist resort, the luxury resort Porto Novi with a marina and Luštica Bay – a project on the Luštica peninsula that aspires to become a new tourist town with complete infrastructure. Also, many other tourist and other complexes are being built throughout the country, especially in the city of Budva, which is the center of Montenegrin tourism. In addition, mountain tourism is intensively developing in Kolašin, with a ski center that aspires to become the best in the region.

Membership in International Organizations

Montenegro follows the EU integration process. Besides that, Montenegro is already a member of numerous global associations such as United Nations, The Council of Europe, UNESCO, INTERPOL, OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, CEFTA – Central European Free Trade Agreement, NATO, The World Trade Organization, The World Bank, IMF – International Monetary Fund etc. Official currency in Montenegro is Euro.


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