Land for Sale in Montenegro

LEO ESTATE has a wide range of plots and land in the entire territory of Montenegro. Our focus is on urbanised plots intended for the construction purposes. If you want to buy a plot of land to build a house, villa or a building with apartments, we can help you find the right location. We can also suggest several different locations that are ideal for the project you have. There are locations on the coast in exclusive zones, locations in urban city zones or locations in municipalities that are not on the coast, but have great natural potentials, excellent connectivity to the coast and capital Podgorica and more affordable prices. LEO ESTATE knows the territory of Montenegro well and has agents and associates throughout the country.

Another option is a purchase of unurbanized land. Land in the rural area in Montenegro is not always licenced for the construction, therefore it is less expensive. This type of land is usually used for agriculture, food production, energy production, or other activity.