Sveti Stefan and Miločer – Choice of royalty

Sveti Stefan, unique city – hotel, that use to be fishing village and its first neighbor Miločer, former Royal summer house today turned into a villa hotel as well, are true jewels of Montenegrin coast. Placed near city of Budva and a part of its municipality, this region represents one of the most beautiful and unique places on the Adriatic coast and in the world. This magnificent region has always welcomed all travelers who have come or will come to admire its rare beauty.

Sveti Stefan

The story of Sveti Stefan emergence is related to XV century, when Paštrovići, people who inhabit the region of Sveti Stefan for centuries, have attacked Ottoman galleons, and got great spoils of war. They used it to build fortification on the rocky island near the coast with twelve houses inside the walls, each house belonging to one family of the tribe. Sveti Stefan underwent major development in XIX century when it had 400 inhabitants. At the beginning of XX century Sveti Stefan suddenly lost its economic power – people were leaving, either to war, or the greatest part emigrated to America in search for a better life. Group of creative Montenegrin intellectuals, artist and enthusiasts recognized great potentials of Sveti Stefan. With the support of president, they started reconstruction and turned this little island village into unique city-hotel in 1957. Exterior of the stone houses retained its authenticity, and its interior was decorated and turned into luxury apartments. The remaining twenty residents evicted from the island are the founders of today's modern settlement on the mainland, also called Sveti Stefan.

Since then, tourism in this region started flourishing. New concept of hotel Sveti Stefan and the beauty of the entire region attracted many famous and important people. Some of them who were spending their holidays here were numerous – novelists Andre Malraux and Alberto Moravia, Soviet spacemen led by Gagarin, Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, film stars Sofia Loren, Monica Vitti, Kirk Douglas, supermodel Claudia Shifer, sport star Novak Đoković, David and Victoria Becham and many others. In Sveti Stefan in 1992 a match between chess players Bobby Fisher and Boris Spaski was played. Sentence which testifies about special atmosphere of Sveti Stefan is the one of Sofia Loren: "Just as if I have returned to town from the most beautiful fairy-tale of my childhood".


Miločer is not only the name of the mansion but of the surrounding area and Royal Park, which covers 18 hectares of land and its home to 150 species of Mediterranean and subtropical flowers and trees from all over the world. Mansion Miločer is built to be a Royal summer house of Yugoslav king Aleksandar and queen Marija Karađordjević.

Part of the Miločer region is not only mansion Miločer, village Sveti Stefan and belonging beaches, but also Queen’s beach and viewpoint above it called Queen’s chair. It is a stone-built chair on the top of the hill where Queen Marija used to come to enjoy the view. The Queen's beach is considered to be Montenegro's most beautiful beach. This beautiful lagoon, surrounded by cliffs, evergreens, and cypresses, is one of Montenegro's finest.


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