Investment opprtunities in Montenegro

  1. Investing in Property is the best long term investment. Montenegro offers plenty of diverse opportunities for investments in property in the south and the north of the country.
    Buying a property in developing tourist country like Montenegro is one of the most profitable and sustainable investment opportunities. Foreign investors can buy all types of properties, such as commercial property, office space, house, apartment, or land for construction, under the same conditions as the local investor.
  2. Investing in Tourism
    Tourism is the main driver of the social and economic development in Montenegro and year by year it increasingly justifies the role of a strategic economic branch. Its share in GDP is continuously growing, which is the case with other indicators as well as the number of tourists, overnight stays, and incomes of this sector. Investing in tourism capacities in Montenegro – hotels, condo hotels and properties that can be vacation rentals, is very lucrative investment.
  3. Greenfield and Browfield Investments in Business Zones in Montenegro
    The Goverment of Montenegro founded Business Zones as unique entities in 10 Municipalities of Montenegro, partially or fully equipped with infrastructure, in order to attract potential investors with benefits and subsides that include very low prices of land rent and benefits for land purchase, reduction of taxes and fees and other benefites.
  4. Food Production in Montenegro
    Food produced in Montenegro is among healthiest in the world, since it is cultivated in clean soil and unspoiled nature. High number of sunny days per year and no presence of heavy industry are favorable factors for production of high-quality food in Montenegro.
  5. Energetics
    Energy and renewable energy sources are developing significantly in Montenegro and represent a pillar of the sustainable development. This sector of Montenegro has been developing in accordance with the EU energy system and is open for private, domestic, and foreign investments.
  6. Filming in Montenegro
    Montenegro offers incentives  to producers in the form of a 25% cash rebate on qualified expenses (excluding the Value Added Tax) incurred during production of a cinematographic work in Montenegro. The diversity of nature and climate, accessibility and proximity of locations make Montenegro an open-air film studio, which is just waiting to be discovered.


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