Reasons to start a business in Montenegro

Montenegro has a very favorable tax system. Procedure for the company set up is simple and efficient. Foreigners can start a new business under the same conditions as the local population. The Government of Montenegro supports any foreign investment through various programs and subsidies.

Reasons to start a business in Montenegro

  • Economic stability
  • Legal framework for investments reformed in line with the EU legislation
  • Favorable tax policy
  • Simple START UP
  • Liberal foreign trade regime
  • Status of foreign investors
  • A set of incentives offered at the national level, in a form of tax exemptions for investments in the northern part of the country and in newly established business zones
  • Investment incentives and subsidies given at the local level in a form of utility fees exemptions, favorable land rental/leases and price reduction of property tax rate
  • Developed telecommunication infrastructure
  • 44 double taxation agreements have been established


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