Investing in Property in Montenegro

Buying a property in developing tourist country like Montenegro is one of the most profitable and sustainable investment opportunities. Foreign investors can buy all types of properties, such as commercial property, office space, house, apartment, or land for construction, under the same conditions as the local investor. Investing in Montenegro is safe and reliable, and all major international insurance companies will insure investment projects in Montenegro.


After buying a house or buying an appartment, investor can rent a property while  away from Montenegro, and receive a return of an investment. Property owner can rent the property independently, or hand it over to an agency for property and rental management. Certain luxury residential and tourism projects in Montenegro guarantee their buyers a return on investment of 6% per year.


Montenegro has a wide and diverse selection of properties suitable for different needs and lifestyle of the buyer – from modern appartments on the coast in Budva, historic properties in Old Towns, sophisticated villas, eco houses in rural areas, appartments in Podgorica, property in luxury marina-resorts in Boka Bay, houses and land in northern tourist center Žabljak, or properties in mountain ski center Kolašin  which  is currently undergoing significant development.

Apartments on the Coast of Montenegro 

Apartments located in new buildings can be found in all coastal towns – Budva, Bečići, Petrovac, Kotor, Tivat and Bar. These apartments usually are near Adriatic sea, have modern interiors and beauty of Mediterranean. If you decide to buy an apartment on the coast of Montenegro, there are many advantages this lifestyle can bring for you – good quality of air and food, and life without stress near nature. You can also decide to buy an apartment where you can enjoy your holidays, and while you are away from Montenegro you can rent your apartment to tourists and get a return of investment.

Houses on the Coast of Montenegro

Having a house on the coast is a true blessing. In Montenegro, You can choose to buy a house by the sea, or in nature – on the hillside with the views on the sea. Houses in nature, near urban centers, are a great way of leading a balanced life with less stress, and focus on well-being. Montenegro offers numerous opportunities for investment and life in properties in nature. There are a lot of beautiful houses and eco houses in pitoresque villages near Budva, on Lustica penisula and in Boka Bay. The opportunities for development of eco properties and houses in nature are extremely favorable, due to mediterranean climate, beautiful nature, good connectivity to urban centers and airports.

New Property Developments in Montenegro

New property developments – Condo Complexes, Buildings and House or Villas projects are currently under construction in Montenegro and will be ready to move in during 2024-2025. If You buy a property in development phase, You can achieve much better price then after construction is finished. Another great advantage of investing in development property is annual return of investment you can get after property is finished, since tourism flourishes in Montenegro, and has even better perspective for growth.

Seaside Condo Apartments in Budva, Bečići & Tivat

In the last decade construction and real estate business underwent great expansion in Montenegro. Luxury Buildings and Condo Hotels are built on the coast in Budva, Bečići, Tivat and Bar. These Condo & Apartments offer sophisticated interiors, proximity of the crystal blue Adriatic Sea and spectacular sunsets. As such, they represent very good investment, considering the development of tourism that flourishes in Montenegro. Many Condo Complexes guarantee annual return on investment for buyers. In most cases you have the opportunity to rent a Condo Apartment, stay there for a while, and decide if it is the right property for you to Buy.

Villas on the Coast of Montenegro

The Montenegrin coast is known for numerous luxurious villas that astonish with their beauty and ellegance. From modern construction to historic villas that have been restored and renovated according to international standards. You can find the most beautiful properties in Budva, Sveti Stefan, Reževići, Bečići, as well as Luštica Peninsula and in Bay of Kotor.

Historical Properties in Montenegro

The Montenegrin coast is extremely rich in Venetian and Austro-Hungarian architectural heritage. Beautiful apartments and houses with the breath of the past times can be found in the Old Towns of Budva, Kotor, Perast and continental town Cetinje. Along the entire coast of Boka Kotorska, the Luštica Peninsula and the Budva Riviera there are houses and villas of aristocrats and wealthy sailors from past centuries. Most of them are renovated in a careful and sophisticated manner, and as such they represent unique jewels on the property map of Montenegro.

Apartments in Podgorica

Your choice can be to buy an apartment in the fast-growing capital of Montenegro –Podgorica, an administrative and business center that is located one hour from the coast and 30 minutes from the ski center Kolašin. International airport is located 10 km from Podgorica downtown. Also, in Podgorica is the Government of Montenegro, Embassies, University of Montenegro, as well as headquarters of big companies operating in Montenegro. Apartments in Podgorica in residential and commercial buildings of different square footage are most interesting property offer.

Ski Properties in Kolašin

Benefit of buying a ski property in Montenegro is the fact that it takes only 30 minutes by car from international airport Podgorica, and only 1h30min of drive to the coast from beautiful ski center of Montenegro – Kolašin. That means you can ski in the morning and have a dinner by the sea on the same day! Lovely, isn`t it? Mountain town Kolašin has been rapidly developing, due to modern Ski center and new highway that connected Kolašin to capital Podgorica. In this moment investing in Kolašin is very perspective because significant number of investment projects that include building of appartments, condo hotels, houses and tourist capacities is in progess. Kolašin is attracting international and local investors to buy an appartment or house in Kolašin, or invest in tourism for its good location, infrastructure and connectivity, beautiful nature and modern ski center in Montenegro that is among best in the region.

Properties in Luxury Resorts in Boka Bay & Budva

Luxury Resorts – Porto Montenegro in Tivat, Luštica Bay on Luštica Peninsula, Dukley Gardens in Budva and Portonovi at the entrance of Boka Bay, became a true trademark of the Montenegrin coastline. All these projects are recognized by impeccable luxury, high level of architecture and construction, associated marinas, as well as cultural and entertainment content in the form of hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, spa and beauty centers, playrooms, boutiques, galleries, and various manifestations and events that are organized throughout the year.

Commercial Properties in Montenegro

Centers of business activities in Montenegro are tourism capital Budva, capital city Podgorica and coastal towns Kotor, Tivat and Bar. Starting a business and buying a commercal space in one of these cities is a good investment and great potential for development of Your business.

Land for Sale in Montenegro

LEO ESTATE has a wide range of plots and land in the entire territory of Montenegro. Our focus is on urbanised plots intended for the construction purposes. If you want to buy a plot of land to build a house, villa or a building with apartments, we can help you find the right location. We can also suggest several different locations that are ideal for the project you have. There are locations on the coast in exclusive zones, locations in urban city zones or locations in municipalities that are not on the coast, but have great natural potentials, excellent connectivity to the coast and capital Podgorica and more affordable prices. LEO ESTATE knows the territory of Montenegro well and has agents and associates throughout the country. Another option is a purchase of unurbanized land. Land in the rural area in Montenegro is not always licenced for the construction, therefore it is less expensive. This type of land is usually used for agriculture, food production, energy production, or other activity.


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