Nature in Montenegro

Because of its priceless natural beauty, Montenegro was proclaimed an ecological state through a special declaration. The fabulous coastline of the Adriatic Sea offers you the variety of beaches, coves, bays and islands that you have been dreaming of. The world’s southernmost and probably the most celebrated fjord in verse, beautiful Mediterranean Kotor Bay, as well as the whole seacoast, is sheltered by the karstic mountains: Rumija, Orjen and Lovćen. In these picturesque karstic areas and in the cultivated Zeta and Bjelopavlići valleys, you will get the essence of Montenegrin mountains. The high mountains like Durmitor, Bjelasica, Komovi, and Prokletije can offer you an unforgettable experience with their hidden lakes, numerous pastures, forests, pointed peaks, diverse flora and fauna, fast mountain rivers and imposing canyons.

National parks

Five areas in Montenegro have the status of national parks: Lovćen, Durmitor, Biogradska gora, Lake Skadar and Prokletije. Their natural and cultural values are presented in visitors centers, and opportunities for active recreation are numerous. Besides the marked walking, hiking and biking trails, in the parks you can find thematic, educational and wine paths. There is also sports fishing, cruising, camping, adventure park, rent-a-bungalow... Conquering peaks, viewing platforms, richness of flora and fauna, healing powers of water wells, herbs, national cuisine – there are many reasons to visit the national parks of Montenegro.

Lakes, rivers and canyons

Among most beautiful lakes in Montenegro are Crno jezero (Black Lake), Plavsko and Biogradsko. Whether they embraced by trees or grass, their water is clean and pleasant for swimming in summer. The largest lake in Montenegro is Skadarsko lake, know as bird paradise.
In Montenegro, high mountains are intersected by canyons whose grandeur is breathtaking. Tara River Canyon, deepest in Europe, is known place for adventures such as rafting or kayaking. Synonym for canyoning in Montenegro is the canyon Nevidio.
Waters are a great wealth of Montenegro: clean, fresh, mostly wild and impetuous, stronger than rock.

Flora and fauna

Interweaving of climate types, permanent rotation of southern and northern air currents make these areas suitable habitat for over three thousand plant species, including many endemic and relict species. Especially significant is the wealth of medicinal and aromatic herbs, wild fruits and edible fungi. This is the home of one of the two European virgin forests – Biogradska gora. You can find over three hundred animal species, including some that are rare elsewhere.


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