Food in Montenegro

Food that is produced in Montenegro is among healthiest in the world, since it is cultivated in clean soil and unspoiled nature. High number of sunny days per year and no presence of heavy industry are favorable factors for production of high-quality food in Montenegro.

Mediterranean Food

The south of Montenegro is known for the Mediterranean food – best type of diet for health in the world, that includes local olive oil, Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, wine, and fresh fish. Fish and seafood from the Adriatic Sea is distinguished by its nutritional quality, extremely healthy and of the highest qualities compared to others around the world. Mediterranean fruits that are present in Montenegro are different types of citrus fruits – lemons, tangerines, oranges as well as pomegranate – the healthiest fruit in the world.

National Dishes of Montenegro

In the hinterland of the Adriatic Sea, where Mediterranean climate meets the continental, ideal conditions are created for cultivation of olive trees, grapevine and production of honey, prosciutto, and cheese. National dishes of Montenegro are raštan – collard greens cooked with dried meet, marinated and dried carp fish as well as national mountain dishes – kačamak and cicvara made with homemade corn flour and local type of clotted cream “kajmak”.

Food Specialties from the Montenegro Mountains

In the northern part of the country self-sown food is growing – medicinal plants used for teas and spices, different types of mushrooms, forest fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. The food specialties specific for Montenegro are amazing cheeses – layered Kolašin chesse, Pljevlja cheese and Njeguši cheese.

Food Brands of Montenegro

Famous food brands of Montenegro are wine and grapa “rakija” that won over 500 medals worldwide and Nikšićko beer with a tradition since 1896.
Montenegro has a plenty of mountain springs and rivers that provide high class quality water.

Consumption of all these healthy food products, in combination with clean air and good climate in Montenegro provides great conditions for longevity and happy life.


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