Property Services

LEO ESTATE provides a full property services for international buyers and investors in Montenegro. We will support you through the entire process, from initial consulting, procedures, finding premises for you, obtaining valuation of the property, help with the purchase of premises, to the property management including possible rental management.

We can also organize a full design, installation of the smart utilities control systems and furnishings of your properties.

Property Valuation

Our Official Licensed Valuators have TEGOVA Recognised European Valuer (REV) licence. We can provide official valuation of property you are interested in buying, or to provide you with the valuation and price determination of property you want to sell.

Property Furnishing, Interior Design & Smart Home Systems

LEO ESTATE provides a service of furnishing and interior design of your house, apartment, or commercial property. With our partners – Designers, Architects, Furniture Producers, and IT Engineers we provide a complete service including design, furnishing, montage and installation of appliances at a competitive price.

  • Service of buying furniture, furnishings, and appliances
  • Interior Design project and execution
  • Smart House and Security Systems Implementation

Property Management

LEO ESTATE provides a service of property management. We maintain your property while you are away from Montenegro. Maintenance includes property inspections, airing, cleaning, home repairs, photo reports, gardening, and pool cleaning, based on your needs. In addition, we also provide a service of dealing with any property related tax with local Tax Office to ensure all your tax obligations are provided for.

  • Property Maintenance
  • Taxes and Bills Payments

Rental Management

Rental management service is an option if you want to rent your property and receive a return of investment (R.O.I). LEO ESTATE can take over Rental Management of your property so you can benefit from the seasonal or annual profits without stress and worry.
As part of this service we would also organize a professional photography to make your property stand out on the competitive rental market of Montenegro and Adriatic region.