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Montenegro presents a potentially attractive site to manage an international business. The Government of Montenegro has initiated processes to change the law for foreigners, that aims to create favorable conditions for the arrival of digital nomads in Montenegro. The capital city Podgorica, administrative and business center of Montenegro, is expanding rapidly and it is open for a further development and investments.

Montenegro has a very favorable tax system. Foreigners can buy a property in Montenegro and could own any type of properties. Process of setting up a company is simple and affordable. There are plenty of opportunities for investment in Montenegro especially within the field of tourism, agriculture, energetics, real estate, and transport.


Tourism is the main driver of the social and economic development of Montenegro.  It’s share in GDP is continuously increasing due to the growing number of tourists, overnight stays, and income from this sector. The diversity and quality of natural and anthropological values make Montenegro one of the most attractive regions in the Mediterranean. There are three recognizable natural areas: the coast, karst fields and the region of high mountains. Tourists have the opportunity of swimming in the lake or sea, going to river rafting and skiing in the mountains – all in one day. On the 293 km long Montenegrin coast, there are numerous sandy and pebble beaches. Montenegro is not just a summer swimming destination, but also a destination which offers plenty of opportunities to lovers of active holidays during the winter months, as well as cultural events and festivals throughout the year. In the total area of Montenegro, nearly 8% is covered by five national parks, which include the most beautiful and most representative ecosystems and natural habitats.

In recent years, tourism is recording growth, which was followed by the implementation of several new infrastructure projects, as evidenced by the business of some of the world’s leading hotel brands such as Hilton, Regent, Chedi, Melia, Iberostar, the first One & Only resort in Europe, while building of Ritz Carlton and Marriot International has also been announced.

Construction & Real Estate Business

Real estate and construction are the most developed business sectors in Montenegro. This is a consequence of the increasing development of tourism, and the fact that after the declaration of independence in 2006, Montenegro was found to be an extremely suitable destination for foreigners. Ever since then, an increasing number of foreigners tend to spend some time in Montenegro or even most of the year.

Most of the real estate projects were built on the coast. Some of the largest projects in this sector in Montenegro are luxury tourist marina resorts – Porto Montenegro, Luštica Bay and Portonovi in Boka Kotorska. Budva – the tourist capital of Montenegro has gone through great expansion, and significant number of tourist and construction projects was built, such as hotels, condo hotels and modern buildings. Podgorica – the capital of Montenegro, is also in development momentum, primarily due to the permanent increase in the number of inhabitants.

In recent years, Kolašin is pointed at the center of interest of foreign and local investors. First Montenegrin highway that connected Kolašin to capital Podgorica, triggered rapid development of Kolašin, that is enhanced by opening of new modern ski resort which is already amongst the best in the region, and continues to grow. Construction projects of high-class hotels and resorts are developing, and interest in buying apartments, land and building houses is growing.

The first Montenegrin highway Princess Ksenija which connected Kolašin and Podgorica is the largest construction infrastructure project in Montenegro ever. It will connect Montenegro to the European network of corridors in the future.


Energy and renewable energy sources are developing significantly in Montenegro and represent a pillar of the sustainable development. The energy sector of Montenegro has been developing in accordance with the EU energy system and is open for private, domestic, and foreign investments.

The largest project in the field of energy is the installation of a new electrical and energy interconnection system through the Adriatic Sea between Montenegro and Italy. This project implemented through the partnership of the international company Terna with companies from Montenegro, includes a marine cable with a capacity of 1000 MW and the accompanying infrastructure network. This way, Montenegro will become an exporter of electricity, via Italy to the rest of Central Europe.

In Montenegro, there is a thermal power plant, several hydro power plants on the rivers as well as wind power plants. Montenegro is extremely rich in natural resources such as mountain rivers and fertile valleys, and the plan is to use these resources for the economic development. Diverse ways of obtaining energy from renewable sources are being developed. Due to the extremely favorable climate and the large number of days of sunshine (240 days a year), the plan is to build the largest solar power plant in Europe, which will be in the southernmost Montenegrin city of Ulcinj. It is also planned that a branch of the Trans-Andalus gas pipeline (TANAP) will pass through Montenegro, which will deliver Azerbaijani gas to Europe.

Agriculture & Food Production

Agriculture is one of the main development fields of economy which is accelerated through subsides of Montenegrin Government. The development plan of Montenegro is focused on maximizing production of food to cover domestic consumption and needs for tourism.

Montenegro has all the facilities to produce different types of food. Natural amenities include the Adriatic Sea, Skadarsko Lake, numerous mountain rivers and sources of drinking water, the Mediterranean climate, the Zeta and Bjełopavlići plains, mountains. On the mountains in the hinterland of the Adriatic coast, where Mediterranean climate crosses with continental, ideal conditions are created to produce high-quality products.

Montenegrin products that stand out are olive oil, wine, spring mineral water, honey, beer, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, dried meat products, dairy products etc. Montenegro has great potential for growth and development of the food industry. The share of agricultural products in foreign trade exchange has been growing because of increased production and exports, as well as the growth of imports, to meet the growing demand in the tourism sector.

Trade & Transport

The most important infrastructural project in Montenegro is the construction of a highway that will connect the commercial port of Bar on the south of Montenegro and the entire country to the European network of corridors. Strategically, this is of great importance for the development of tourism, business, and trade in Montenegro. The first section of the highway which connects Podgorica to Kolašin was opened on July 13, 2022.

Montenegro has two international airports, Tivat and Podgorica, international commercial seaport of Bar, the tourist cruising port of Kotor and several marinas for mega yachts, Porto Montenegro, Porto Novi, Luštica Bay, Marina Budva, etc.


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